Thursday, December 20, 2007

Party time and ducks pooping?

Ian and I are on the ward's activities committee and so we were supposed to make up a flier. It is great to see what Ian comes up with. He is so creative and after much nagging from me, he creates the funniest posters. It is fun.

Our ward was having a dinner and program and maybe Santa. Evidently there are some people in our ward that don't believe in celebrating Santa. I am not sure what to think about this, but it seems like you are taking away some of the magic for the little ones. It is so fun to see their imaginations run wild with what they see and hear during Christmas. Oh well, no fun for them.

Anyway, our program was very sweet and touching at times and very hilarious at other times. One woman started singing the "Twelve Days of Christmas" with dramatic gestures and all. Immediately, Ian and I thought, "Oh no, this is the longest song ever!" Well she stops about the third verse and decides it is boring and too long so she is going to involve the audience. She begins calling up different people from the audience to help her sing. Lo and behold, Ian gets called up to be the six geese a'laying! About the eighth verse, she asks them to start acting out their parts. I knew Ian would be prime for this calling; he could not have gotten a more perfect role for him! He asked me to not blog any of the pictures, but I just have to! (If there are no longer pics here, it is because Ian has caught me and made me remove them--I wish I had a video of it. Sorry if the pics are a bit fuzzy--poor lighting.) He truly was the hit of the party!

Niev got scared at everyone laughing so hard and started crying because I was taking pictures and one of the young women was holding her. Sorry again that it is blurry.

Of course I had to include a pic of Niev on Santa's lap. She just looked at him. Didn't cry, didn't laugh, didn't seem excited--she was pretty nonchalant about the whole thing. I really wanted some kind of expression, but no, not even a cry.


Angela Bricker said...

Okay couple things:
1. No Santa at a Christmas party, what?! I'm glad to see you were able to get around that.
2. Both pictures made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants, but Ian's face in the first one is PRICELESS-SOOO wish I could've been there!
3. I love that Niev had no expression when she sat on Santa's lap. Tyler did the same thing. What is it with our kids?! Bobby says it's because they are "magic babies" so they know he's a fake and are not impressed.
4. I love that you post a new blog like everyday!

Melissa & Jeremy said...

As you could tell from Boston's picture with Santa, he was exactly the same way. I think it's the age. They are more comfortable with strangers yet not quite aware enough that Santa is a strange-looking person and therefore should be scared of him. This is just my personal opinion because at my Christmas Party with Santa the kids 18mon and older were crying with Santa the ones 4 months younger than Boston were crying, but everyone 9-16 months seemed to be pretty nonchalant with the whole Santa experience. I love the pictures of Ian. Too good to take off the blog. -Melissa