Saturday, December 8, 2007

Lora is blogging?

I am sure many of you are very surprised because I actually have decided to set up a blog for our family. After much persuasion and recognizing that we are going to lose touch with a lot of fabulous friends once we move, I have decided to begin blogging about our family.

To update you all, Niev is almost 11-months old and she is as cute as can be! We adore her and can't wait for Christmas and her birthday. I am sure we will be more excited than she will be, but nonetheless, it will be a camera moment! Niev loves music and seeing pictures of herself. We hope she will grow out of her conceited-ness.

Ian had his first solo art show in LA and it was received really well, but the pieces didn't sell as we had expected. The traffic coming into the gallery were all 20-somethings and it was a new gallery so I think our expectations were a little too high. Since then, Ian has sold several of those pieces and several galleries have taken on his work. He is now represented by San Francisco, LA, Seattle, Boston, and London. His latest exciting news is that he was just bought by Billy Getty which will go into his private collection and be shown by him. He is related to the Getty family which started the Getty Art Museum in LA. This is a career maker for an artist. It is great!

I am now a stay-at-home mom after three years of teaching in Alpine, UT. I loved teaching, but am SO glad I can just stay at home with the cutest baby ever!

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