Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The grass is sometimes dirtier on the other side

Today I was flipping through channels to find something to watch as I cleaned. I was told by my mother-in-law, Paula, that on the BBC (British channel) they have a show called "How Clean is Your House?". She mentioned that they have fun tips and that I should just watch one or two episodes.

Well I happened to see it as I was flipping and decided to tune in. Man, if you ever want to feel that you are the Mrs. of Mr. Clean just watch the first five minutes. I won't go into too many details because honestly I was gagging at times, but it really did make me feel as if my house is not THAT dirty. The woman was a single mom trying to do work and school so she had her excuses, but to me there is no excuse for rotting food in your BATHROOM! Anyway, it motivated me to clean and to teach my kids to clean better.

I also learned several tips such as dipping a calcium encrusted showerhead in lemon juice (not diluted) for 10 minutes--so I guess that is called soaking instead of dipping, but I was amazed! Any extra bits that don't come clean, take a paper clip and poke the holes! Also, they use a lot of natural cleaning products rather than using the harsh chemicals. I better go finish cleaning my house!

I think Niev looks like an 80's album cover of "I am a Child of God" in this picture!


Melissa & Jeremy said...

Cute title! I'll have to check out that show some time. Missed ya yesterday. Hope to see you today if Boston cooperates! - Melissa

Angela Bricker said...

I wish we got more than 5 channels so I could see that show too! I love that your daughter is wearing dinasour pajamas!!!