Friday, December 14, 2007

A few of my favorite things

I was asked once who Niev's personality is more like, mine or Ian's. I didn't know how to answer that because Niev is such a unique person and just seems to have her own little quirkiness. Somethings remind me of Ian and some of me, but mostly it is just all Niev all the time. She does love several of our favorite things though.

Niev shares Ian's love of baths (which I think are filthy because you bathe in your own scuzz).

We bathe her in our kitchen because we do not have a bathtub in our apartment (for those of you who have been in our bathroom, this is even a funny concept! A bathtub in our tiny bathroom is a foreign concept). We have a blue bathtub that sits in the middle of our kitchen floor which is nice because I can do dishes or cooking while she takes her bath. As soon as we get the tub down from the top of the fridge (a place for everything and everything in its place), she begins giggling and quickly crawling towards it. She loves to dunk her head and looks to you for a laughing response.

One day I was washing dishes while she was taking her bath. I heard her gagging so I turned around to see brown sludge all around her mouth. I then saw floating turds in her bath and almost began dry heaving! Her baths don't last as long as they used to because this became a common occurrence.

Niev also loves game shows just like her mommy. I watch Price is Right almost every morning as I am feeding Niev. She LOVES it, especially the beginning with the music and flashing lights around the screen. She will start dancing to the music and then pull herself up as close to the TV as possible. She will point, dance and then turn to you as if saying, "Do you see what is on right now? It is my favorite-est! My bestest time of day is HERE!" It is fun to watch and secretly Ian likes to watch as well (but not so much since stupid Drew Carrey is the new host).

So Niev is a perfect mix of her own sweetness, Ian and the most blessed mom in the whole world!


Melissa & Jeremy said...

Niev looks so tall standing next to the TV. I enjoyed this last entry. Do you know why we are the only ones who comment? :) -Melissa

Angela Bricker said...

Awww! I love that! How cute that she likes to duck her head into the water. Tyler FREAKS out whenever it's time to wash his hair because he hates water being on his face! She is perfectly sweet and I am desperately in need of some Niev love; as Tyler only gives kisses if he's in the mood-hardly ever!