Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Family Home Evenings

This weekend we had stake conference and Elder Quentin L. Cook was our visiting authority. It was his first assignment as an apostle. What a fabulous experience it was! During the adult session and general session, the overall theme was families. Our stake has been focusing on families this last year especially Family Home Evenings, family prayer and family scripture study. This next year, the stake is focusing on temple attendance and helping our families to be eternal.

A few months ago, they had us fill out a survey during Relief Society. There were four questions on the survey: 1) Do you hold FHE almost every week? 2) Do you have family scripture study almost every day? 3) Do you have family prayer almost every day? 4) Why do you think some families do not do these three things? I felt that this questionnaire gave me a chance to reflect on how we were doing on the small things that make such a HUGE difference.

At the end of the general session, Elder Cook gave the results of the survey. These were given to only those who had come to church within a months time so those who took the survey are all active members. Less than 50% hold regular FHE, less than 50% read scriptures daily and less than 30% prayed together as a family daily. Elder Cook promised us that if we would stick to these three challenging actions, that our families would be eternal. We would see a difference in our children (much happier and not so much contention within the home), their dedication to the Gospel and our relations within our family. What more could we want! He did mention that we may not see the effects of these things until after they have left home, but that our actions would be rewarded.

Ian and I had been doing these things, but with a sloppy attitude so we determined to do better. Last night we went swimming as a family at our rec center. The water was FREEZING for Niev. Her poor teeth (yes, she has a big whopping total of four now!) were chattering and her lips were blue so we didn't stay long. It is hard to find activities that involve an almost one-year old.

She looks very unhappy, but I promise that she was having fun!


Melissa & Jeremy said...

Cute pictures of Niev in the water. How fun? I wish we had our rec center open. By the way, I love her red coat in the pictures below; just so cute!

Angela Bricker said...

She does look cold, but so cute! I love her bathing suit!!