Monday, December 17, 2007

Memories in the corner of my mind

Today is Ian and my anniversary second year anniversary so I thought I would give a little tribute to my husband on our second anniversary. He is such a great husband to me and very understanding. I am truly so lucky to have such a patient, honest (almost to a fault), hardworking and absolutely hilarious husband. He is very compassionate and cares for Niev better than any father I have ever seen. What a blessing our marriage is in my life (especially since I was 26 and still not married and thinking that I might just be that "Old Maid" that travels around the world and visits her nieces and nephews treating them as her own children--whoo, it was a close one). Thank heavens for Ian!

I thought I would share two of my favorite memories from when we were dating and then two memories of our married life which is symbolic of the wonderful two years of our life together!

While we were getting to know each other, Ian and I would go on these forever long walks. I would go to his house or he would come to mine at around 8 or 9 p.m. and we would just walk and walk and walk all over Provo. We would finally call it quits after about 3 or 4 in the morning and every once in a while, we would be together when the sun came up. I had just graduated from BYU and was looking for a job and Ian was working, but we were pretty free as far as schedules go. Those walks are little treasures in my mind as I got to know my best friend and love. He was so easy to talk to and rarely would he bore me (a few times with his stories that lasted WAY too long).

Another one of my favorite dating memories is when I went to Europe with my sister, Julie and her family. I asked Ian to pick me up from the airport on my way home. My connecting flight kept being delayed more and more and I couldn't really get a hold of Ian. We couldn't land because of weather and had to keep circling. We almost ran out of gas so we had to make an emergency landing in Green River, CO and then fly back to SLC. When I finally arrived in Salt Lake City, I found Ian with a huge stack of signs saying: "Lora Weber" next sign, "Ian really" next sign "really, really, really, really, really, really" next sign was filled with "really, really, really, really etc." and the last sign said "missed you!" I had missed him quite a bit too. He had waited at the airport for almost four hours and it was so good to see him again.

This pic was taken right after Ian proposed

Once we got married, I was working and Ian was finishing up school. We had felt like we needed to start our family. We decided to take a pregnancy test . Ian was so excited and nervous as he frantically opened the packaging and read me the directions to ensure I was doing it right (can you really mess those things up?). WE didn't want the other one to cheat and see it first so as it was running the test, we put a box on top of it. After the three minutes, I looked at Ian as I quickly lifted the box and then slammed it down again. Ian's face lit up like a boy on Christmas morning as he sees his first bike in front of the tree. I quickly looked and saw two solid pink lines announcing that we were pregnant. Ian and I jumped into each other's arms and started jumping up and down in our hallway, as we laughed, hugged and cried. That was Mother's Day 2006 and he has been excited about Niev ever since!

Ian's sister, Alyx, came to visit the first winter Ian and I were married. We decided to go sledding and it was already dark. We borrowed two snow tubes from my sister, Melissa and went on a walking hunt to find a hill. We finally found a long enough one, but it was so dark we couldn't see if it was really safe. Ian decides to try it out and gets a RUNNING start as he dives on his tube. He realizes he is going much faster than expected and is trying to slow himself down with his feet. Snow is flying everywhere. Alyx and I are at the top gasping for air as we are dying from the giggles and small ice-tears run from our eyes. Ian finally plants his feet in the snow and he catapults himself into a group of bushes/weeds at the bottom of the hill. Ian's face was shredded by the weeds. He looked as if he had been attacked by a cat. We find out that he barely missed a gutter on his way down. It was a great memory and still makes Ian shutter a little bit now.

I love you, baby and happy anniversary. It is only getting better and better as time goes by!


Angela Bricker said...

Awwww, I loved that! Happy Anniversary you two!

Melissa & Jeremy said...

Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to spend time with Niev while you celebrate. Love ya-Melissa

Crystal said...

Happy Anniversary! What cute stories! You'll be so glad you've written them down for Niev when she's older. You guys are so cute!