Monday, December 10, 2007

Gramma Buh comes to visit!

I have a great mother-in-law that visits quite regularly and this is only due to the fact that we have her grandbaby. She adores Niev and eats her up while she is here. While she visited, we got our Christmas tree, decorated, played games, ate and chatted. I could talk to her for hours and Ian is a giddy boy whenever his mom comes into town (he is a bit of a mama's boy). She is so great to shoo us out of the house and spend time alone so that she can have one-on-one time with Niev.

I have found that after having just one child, it is really hard to stay as connected to my husband. Before Niev, I felt very secure in our relationship and that we were always on the same wavelength. But now that we have to share our time with another person, it is more difficult to have that constant connection and alone time. This is when I REALLY appreciate Paula, Ian's mom. She allows us to re-connect and have all the alone time we need in order to be happy (which for me is a LOT of time).

Our stockings are hanging from our dartboard--it is great to be poor!
Here are some other fun pics of Niev that I thought you might enjoy!

This hat was given to her by Ian's sister, Kaki, and I couldn't wait to put it on her so when we went to buy a Christmas tree, I had to winterize her!

One day after church, playing in her rocking chair

Also many of you have asked about Ian's art. If you want to go to his website see:


Angela Bricker said...

Yea Yea Yea Yea!!!! You are starting a blog! I love those tights on her with that adorable dress!!

Jeremy said...

Yea Lora! It's really cute! I love it! I think you've inspired me to start one.