Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Book Club

Melissa, my sister, was in a book club with some women in her ward. As she talked about the books they were reading, I told her I was very jealous. She invited me to be in club with her. I have now been in her book club for three meetings and have enjoyed it. It is great to see Melissa interact with people in her ward because she is hilarious! I love spending time with her especially when Jeremy and Ian are willing to take care of our babes.

This last month we read Hallelujah--The Story of the Coming Forth of Handel's Messiah by J. Scott Featherstone. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this book. It is historical fiction and gave me an inside view of who Handel was and how it came to be that he wrote Messiah. It was a bit slow at first but I thoroughly enjoyed this read especially during the Christmas season. I did not expect to have a book help me to come closer to God. I would highly recommend it.

I don't think a blog is complete without a picture so here is Niev's eyelashes. Aren't they the most gorgeous thing you have ever seen! We love our baby girl.


Melissa & Jeremy said...

Next time I see St. Nick, I'll tell him espcially hi from Niev. Niev's eyelashes ARE amazing!

Angela Bricker said...

I do LOVE LOVE LOVE her eyelashes!

Crystal said...

Hi! I'm so excited that you found us! Your daughter is adorable! I'm goign to add you to my favorites so i can check in! Can you believe that Mike and I have 4 kids now? Wow, it's been so long! You look great! I love your hair! I'll talk/type to you soon!