Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas morn

I hope all of you that have children can understand where I am coming from. Niev is almost a year now and I thought she would be more interested in the gift/Christmas thing than she was. Ian and I did everything we could to get her interested in her presents, but nothing worked.

Ian and I made Niev some blocks as her big gift (yes, there are 129 blocks that all needed at least two coats of paint, a primer and a sealer so 129 blocks with 4 coats is roughly...516 total coats. It took FOREVER). Ian was so excited for her to be able to play with these blocks. He even went as far to "tell Santa" to make a castle out of the blocks. We were thinking that she was going to destroy the castle as soon as she saw it. Not the case. She was more interested in the orange in her stocking than any of her amazing presents! I took the orange away from her and she SCREAMED until I gave it back. She is a funny girl.

I like present opening, but this took way too long. I know I seem like a Scrooge saying that, but WOW it could have gone on forever so finally I opened a few of the smaller gifts to Niev that Ian and I gave her.

Her Gramma Buh (Ian's mom) gave her a baby doll for Christmas. It was a classic Niev moment--talking and kissing her baby, oh wait, there's a camera!

Overall it was a great 1st Christmas for Niev and she loves her drum set, blocks, dolls, books and more books and music that she got for Christmas. We love our little girl and she needs to stop growing so big!

Ian and I got each other a nice video camera so we could keep ahold of every breathing moment of our Nievlette. Sorry the quality is not that great--downsizing makes things very grainy


Melissa & Jeremy said...

She was so cute with her Baby doll. That was my favorite. Thanks for coming over yesterday. I'm glad you made it home safe. Boston didn't open presents very well either so don't worry. After he would get one piece of the wrapping paper he was too interested in that single piece to finish opening the presents. However, I have a feeling next year will be much different. Glad you had a Merry Christmas and I hope all your friends enjoyed the cookies. -Melissa

Angela Bricker said...

Ha Ha! Tyler was the same way with his presents. After the second one, I opened all of the rest because I was too impatient to try and keep him interested in the task of opening presents. Next year will definately be different! We have a gift for yall so we need to hang out soon!

Crystal said...

Merry Christmas! I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday! Christmas is so different once you start having children! Our Tyler is almost one (he will be on Jan 5th) and he was the same way. On Christmas eve, my mom was over and he was biting the bows off the packages and crawling around like a puppy. I thought for sure he'd want to rip the paper, but it was a no go! Those blocks you made are great! I give you credit for taking the time to build them!