Friday, December 21, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside!

Wow, so if you don't live in Utah, then I need to inform you that it is officially wintertime! My sister, Melissa, was going to take care of Niev yesterday while Ian and I went to SLC to celebrate our anniversary (just a few days late). Melissa lives on top of the largest mountain in Utah valley and it snowed yesterday morning, but only where Melissa lives. We couldn't even reach her street! We were just spinning our wheels on the new inches of snow. It was truly the actions of my magically heroic husband that got us to the point of dropping off Niev. (And yes, there was a celebratory cheer that went out when we reached Melissa's driveway!)

Niev looks like an elf in this picture
Ian and I went to the Salt Lake temple and then to Cheesecake Factory for lunch. It was a fabulously stuffing experience for all involved. They give you way too much delicious food there. We went to pick Niev back up and luckily the roads had been cleared.

We chatted with Melissa and Boston for about an hour. During that hour, it had truly been blizzarding outside. As Melissa describes it, "I saw you walk off my porch, but then you disappeared into a white mass." It is a miracle that we stayed on the road. It is a very windy road and the grade of the hill varies from 8-10%. It was scary!!! At times, we couldn't even see the road and it was very slick. The normal 15-20 minute ride home took us an hour and twenty minutes! Niev was getting very impatient in her seat. Once she got home, she was in the best mood ever. I truly love our baby girl. Hope you enjoy!


Melissa & Jeremy said...

Oh my goodness that was the cutest thing ever. That was the belly laugh I was talking about that she was doing with Boston. I love that laugh; I love that video. Too cute--seriously laughing and smiling the whole time. Thanks for sharing and I'm so glad you made it home safely. -Melissa

Angela Bricker said...

That is so cute, I love her laugh!