Sunday, January 11, 2009

Who's idea was it to have two kids?

Here are a few more pictures of Rowan and I as we left the hospital (and yes, Rowan is strategically placed to cover the many rolls left after a baby has left the womb).

Thought I should update you all on our little, but growing, family. My mom came into town to help out with Rowan when Rowan was born. She was a HUGE help! We hadn't gone grocery shopping in weeks when she arrived, but somehow my mom made some pretty delicious meals with the pathetic amount of food that we did have in the house. She was a life-saver!

Then it was just our little family through Christmas time. I wondered at times if I was insane having more than one child. I think we concluded that Rowan is a bit colicky and we got her some chamomile pills that help soothe her. It was a bit stressful some days with Ian working and Niev and I trying to help calm this crying baby, but luckily Gramma Buh (Ian's mom) came to save the day!

Gramma Buh LOVES Christmas. She lives and dies Christmas. Can't wait for the next Christmas as soon as one Christmas is over. SO, we decided as a surprise/present to Gramma Buh that we would postpone our Christmas until Gramma Buh arrived (of course we had to get special permission from the big Claus himself first). Ian was very excited about doing this. He almost blew it because he kept calling her as she was driving from Portland to see where they were at. It was great to see her shock and excitement at this idea when she arrived. (More on Christmas later!)

Niev has adjusted to the baby much better than I ever imagined. She loves to give her kisses (on the lips only) and hugs (more like huge body slams). She asks to hold the baby ("Hold you me, baby") and loves when I pump so she can feed the baby herself. Whenever I am feeding the baby, I have to keep my ears open for what Niev is doing. I have documented with pictures a few of the things that she has done while mom is feeding Rowan:

Lots of coloring!

A bit of cooking!

Some tears of joy!

But a LOT of cuddling her little sister!
She also got into my tub of oil and dumped five spoons and two batteries in the huge tub. I'm just glad she didn't end up spilling it on our carpet (who has ever heard of high-pile carpet in a kitchen!).

We are slowly adjusting to no sleep, consistent crying and no time alone and quiet, but as of right now, we wouldn't change it for the world! (But ask me again in a few more weeks of no sleep and maybe the answer will be different.)