Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our Nievlette

As many of you have not had the chance to get to know Niev or may have never met her, I wanted to share some of her with you. First of all, she is a kick and a half! She only wants what you don't want her to have and LOVES to eat. She has always loved to eat.

One day, I was cleaning the house (which because of the size of our apartment only takes about thirty minutes, but only about three to completely destroy) and had just vacuumed the floors. I put the vacuum away and started to straighten the bathroom when I hear the rustling of plastic--always a bad sign! I come into my nice clean living room to this:

Evidently I had not fed her enough breakfast and she decided that she would help herself!

Niev also is beginning to make sense of words. She can wave bye-bye and if your lucky get a blown kiss. Today, I went to Melissa's house (my sister) and she has a little boy, Boston who is a month older than Niev. They are really fun together.

Every time Boston had a toy, she would take it away, I would scold her and then she would look down and hand me the toy looking quite ashamed of herself. She also took his bottle away to get a little drink for herself, but when Boston would start to cry, she would try to give him his bottle back (which meant she would bash his head with the bottle which would only make the cry more intense). Here they are this summer at our family reunion. Niev laughs every time I ask, "Do you want to go see Boston today?"Niev LOVES music. She will rock out whether it is on a commercial, music box, radio or just be singing along as I bang on pans. She will sometimes sing in church and raise her arm while flinging it so that all can see that she is leading them in this great chorus. Her favorite song for the time being is "Popcorn Popping" and she can even doing the popping corn. If she is cranky, all you have to do is start out, "IIIII looooooked out the window...." and she will begin laughing and look so excited at you. "Popcorn Popping" has helped with many a diaper change.
She also likes to make her own music on dad's keyboard. We now keep it under the couch so it is easy access and she works the function buttons much better than Mom or Dad.
There is much more to love, but blogs can only be so long so maybe I will continue this tomorrow!


Melissa & Jeremy said...

I love the bio on Niev. It described her so perfectly! She is adorable and it was so fun to have you over yesterday. Have a great day!

Angela Bricker said...

I love the video of Boston and Niev, that is so cute! It makes me wish I could live closer to my sister so that Tyler had a cousin (well, soon to be cousin) to play with!