Sunday, March 2, 2008

She's got moves like her mother!

I don't know if I have explained just how adorable Niev is. She loves music more than eating (which is saying quite a bit). As soon as music comes on, she is dancing. I think she belongs in the ghetto, dancin' with the little girls on the street (side note: why is it that an african-american three-year old can shake her booty and hips better than I can ever dream of doing?). Her whole body says and jives. It is pretty cute. Well, tonight we put on Raffi and she loved it. At one point, she actually tried to grab at the microphone through the TV. Hilariousness ensued.
This was taken as we were unpacking her room. I was very excited to move and one of the first things I spotted that could be easily packed were most of Niev's toys. She hadn't seen some of these toys in over two weeks...enjoy!

We also put her crib up and she loved jumping in her new crib. She no longer sleeps in a playpen! She now has a soft, comfy mattress thanks to my brother and his wife. She loves her HUGE bed.

She loves to swing, go fast on slides and recently we found out she likes to go sledding (I had totally forgot to blog about this when it happened with all the moving and stuff. This is a week or so before we left Utah).

We put her on a bunny-type hill that we found with her buddy, Tyler. He was very uncertain how he felt about everything and Niev was too cold to even give a real smile. (I didn't realize that we had been out in the cold for over two hours! Time flies when you are having fun. Yes, her cheeks were very chapped. Neglectful mommy.) Too cute though.
Niev's aunt, Kelley, and grandma buh went in together and got her a rocket-bike for her birthday. It is too cute to see her waddle on it. I can't help but laugh. She has learned to get off and on by herself (sometimes with a bit of a crash) and therefore, no longer get stuck on bumping a wall. She is the cutest baby contest!



I love all the videos. She is the cutest baby ever!

Brandon & Amber said...

That is some good booty shakin'! She must have got that from her mom!

Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

Oh Niev, you're growing up without your Aunt Melissa to adore and constantly observe you. Tell your mommy to post more blogs so you and I can have our little time together over the internet. By the way, girl, you can shake it! -Melissa

Angela Bricker said...

Yea, you guys ARE alive! I've never seen a white girl shake like that!

Erin said...

those are the cutest videos!!! i love you guys!