Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fun at the park????

A couple of weeks ago, we realized that Niev had never been to a park so we decided to take her to this great park near our house; it actually has a ton of ducks, geese, seagulls, etc. We thought she might actually enjoy feeding the ducks. Sometimes I think we do overestimate her abilities.

She was a bit oblivious to the birds so we decided to take her on a slide. FUN, huh! I don't think she was that impressed.

There was a woman there that was laughing hysterically at Niev's face coming down the slide. "I'm not sure she sees the point in that," was the stranger's comment. I think I would agree with her. (Do you like how her shoes were making her grip to the slide so I had to push her the rest of the way!)

So then we tried a twisty slide (this video is a little chaotic because a little girl tried to climb up the slide about the time that they came down...sorry.).

You can see that she did NOT appreciate that. So next we moved onto the swings. What kid doesn't like swings?

I guess playgrounds have their age requirements. Ian and I were so excited to go with her and then she kind of pooped all over our party. I guess we will have to wait a while longer (maybe next weekend) before she is fully ready for the playground scene.

I promise she is a fun and talented little girl.


Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

Oh my goodness you are so skinny! Niev is hilarious. She likes to be in control, I guess. The slide, swing, and ducks were a little overwhelming I guess. Too funny! Great post. Now I'll read the next one! :) -Melissa PS: How did the YW activity work out?

Brandon & Amber said...

Looks like she LOVED every minute of it! What a cute little girl!


She could care less about those ducks. I love it! Give it a few more tries and she will be begging you to take her to the park!

Lisa said...

I was laughing out loud at these videos. She really wasn't bothered by any of it!

Angela Bricker said...

The only video that would work for me is the one on the swing but it was so cute! I love how she throws her head back.

Are you eating?!?!

Crystal said...

i just wanted to reply about Christmas. I like what your sister does on Easter, that's a great idea. For Christmas Eve, we focus on the Savior and the first Christmas, and read from Luke 2. On Christmas morning we have the celebration of presents and all of the traditional stuff. Since we know that Christ wasn't really born in December, we talk about that with the kids and then they understand that it's a time that we picked to celebrate. That's worked well for our kids.