Thursday, March 6, 2008

No more caveman!

Niev used to walk like a caveman (according to Melissa) or like she had been riding a horse for about a months straight (according to Mom). She didn't bend her knees really so she would have to swing her legs wide in order to be able to take a step. It was hilarious, but a turtle would have beaten her and a good breeze could knock her down. Niev is a fast learner so she quickly realized that there was a better way. She is now walking like a normal toddler...well, sort of. You be the judge.

She loves to dig through her diaper bag (scouting out for a binkie). When she found these sunglasses that we bought for her a year ago, she was as proud as punch. She would try to put them on, stab herself in the eye, walk to me, have me put them on her and just saunter around gloating about her fabulous sunglasses. Isn't she cute!

She has also found our curtains to be a good hiding spot. I was taught not to ever play in our curtains as a child, but Ian has convinced me that life will go on and that I just need to breathe sometimes. Plus, these came with the house and we are not the biggest fans. I love her squeals!


Crystal said...

i love little baby waddles and laughs. she's so adorable. it's true, mckee is so huge now. can you believe he'll be in middle school in the fall? it's so wierd.

Angela Bricker said...

Oh please come back home I need some Nievlette time!! She is so darn cute with those sunglasses on, Tyler rips his right off as soon as we put them on.

Oh yea, and good for her that she's FINALLY walking! Whatever! :)

Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

So cute so cute! She's so grown up. She walks really well. She also talks well too--Boston hasn't quite got the vocal done as well. He tries to mimic us but it doesn't come out as well as Niev's immitations. -Melissa


Niev reminds me so much of Scout. But, that could be because they are both girls. I can't get enough of video of babies walking and wobbling. By the way, it somewhat shocks me that you would be a little uptight about the curtains. It seems to me you would pretty much swing from them in college. But, I guess, that's when we were all young, stupid, and childless. =)I love the crib set too...very fun.

Crystal said...

hey lora, i tagged you. go to my blog for the instructions!