Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Niev IS fun!!!

So I just shared all the disappointing moments with Niev and after some thought (and some great video), I realized just how awesome she is! She may be too young to run unabashed amidst the slides, monkey bars and swings all the while still doing her part in feeding the endangered birds. BUT she is really quite adorable and can do all sorts of great things!

She can draw beautiful pictures.

I saw that sidewalk chalk was on sale and thought Niev would really get a kick out it. It would combine two of her favorite things: doodling and being outside. (Plus the mess is left outside--Bonus for MOM!)

She can bounce on a cement step with the best of them.

She really enjoys Raffi's "Bumpin' Up and Down" song. It talks about bouncing in a red wagon and on the video Raffi bounces on his chair. Niev laughs and starts bouncing as soon as you set her on the step and start singing that song.

She is VERY strong.

She loves to show off...I know, I know, it is slightly embarrassing to have a daughter with such gigantic muscles, but she is strong! Arnold, you ain' got nothin' on Niev.

See, my baby girl is really good at doing age-appropriate things!


Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

You don't need to convince me; I've loved her since the moment I met her! She is strong; always been crazy muscle girl. She's adorable. She's walking really confidently now. She's a cutie pie! -Melissa

Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

PS: Who is the adorable brunette friend next to Niev? Cute little friend! -Melissa

Goratrain and Ian-ator said...

That is her friend from church. I think I told you about her. Her mom works at Wal-Mart and so she needed me to babysit a few times for her. Her name is Mackenzie.

Angela Bricker said...

She IS fun! Tyler misses his buddy! (who could probably bench press him!:) )