Monday, March 24, 2008

The Easter Bunny's visit!

For Easter, we decided to visit my sister, Kathy, and her family in Moscow, ID! She has five adorable children ranging in ages 14 to 3. We played games, chatted, ate fabulous food and explored their new home. It was great to see them. I realized that I had not been to see them in almost two years. I guess once you get married, start having kids, and are preparing to move, you don't quite take the time to go on vacation as much as you do when you are single and uninhibited. There house is beautiful and great! We painted Easter eggs on Saturday with the kids. Ian and I had a contest for who could paint the best egg and of course I won (you could even ask Kathy's kids--mine was the best!). I didn't take any pictures though of painted eggs, dumb I know.

While Niev was taking a bath, the Easter bunny must have tip-toed in through the basement door and dropped off her Easter basket. Isn't he so clever! He happened to get all of her favorite things: bubbles, fruit snacks and tons of marshmallow Peeps. Thanks Easter bunny. She seemed so excited about all the things in her basket. She kept jabbering away the whole time she was rummaging through all her loot. She was especially stoked about her fruit snacks (you can hear her saying the same word over and over...I don't know if that was church or not, but she knew what she was saying!).

Niev has visited our Nursery twice and done fabulously (except when they brought out the parachute and the kids went wild, I guess she started crying because all the kids were going CRAZY! The parachute and kids were beyond her tolerated limit of noise). So we decided since we were visiting, we could pass her off as an 18-month old. WRONG! Within 20 minutes, she was brought to us in Sunday School. She had puffy, red eyes from crying so I knew that she had cried for a while. Evidently she isn't the super baby I always try to convince myself that she is. Oh well, I guess I will settle with an above average baby if I have to.

We never have anyone around to take our picture, so we never get a picture with all three of us together. So we took advantage of my niece, Annica, after church. Click on the picture to see it bigger. It was raining outside so Niev was not keen on the timing of the picture-taking moment.


Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

What a great picture of you. I love your hair long; I always have! It's just so attractive on you--makes you look so skinny. You've lost weight since you moved to WA. I'm so jealous! -Melissa

Brandon & Amber said...

That's a great family picture! Looks like Easter was lots of Fun!

Kent & Beka said...

Such a great family picture! I love seeing you guys all together!
We feel your nursery pain- I went to church last week for the first time since before christmas and Emitt has been going to nursery for a month now- and of course, this is the first week they had to bring him to us in a screaming, snotty, teared up mess! What is it with the sudden realization of separation?

Angela Bricker said...

You look so pretty! Your hair is getting so long! I'm glad you guys had a good Easter!!

Ryan & Lisa said...

Glad you guys had a good trip and a good Easter. Love the family picture! We'll have to play again soon.