Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Movin' and Groovin'

I can't believe it has been so long since the last time I blogged. I know, I know Melissa, for YOU it seems forever, but to me the time is flying by so quickly. Ian's mom, Paula, came to Utah to help us with the last minute packing, cleaning and watching Niev. We rented a 17-foot truck and filled it to the brim (literally, when you opened the back door a mattress would fall on top of you!). I don't know how we ever managed to live in such a tiny apartment. Paula rode with me in the car and help tend to Niev's every desire. Niev actually was a great travel buddy and she was very happy for the majority of the way. We stopped in at my mom and dad's house in Parma, Idaho (YEA!). We were graced with great beds and fabulous meals. Did I really expect anything different? It is always great to see Mom and Dad; they are the best! We were pleasantly surprised to also find my grandmother at the house. If you haven't met my grandmother Thora yet you are missing one of the sassiest, hilarious people this world has ever laid eyes upon. We played games and had a gay ol' time. The next morning, we went to Craig and Maria's to drop off a painting that they had commissioned Ian to paint. Ian had worked tirelessly and was very stressed as he had NEVER done Christ before and felt that He needed to be perfect. I was very impressed with his skill and dedication. He can't really include it on his website so here it is (please excuse the horrible picture) :
To zoom in on the picture, just click on it.

Finally, we were off to Washington! We made it here just in time to meet our 15-20 "moving crew" from our church's elder's quorum. It was great to get such a warm welcome of happy helping hands! Ian was very cute and carried me over the threshold. We quickly got the truck unpacked and Ian's sister, Kelley, shows up from Portland to help us out.

That night, Paula and Kelley gave Niev her first bath in her new bathtub. Reader, please note that she had been taking a bath in a TINY tub in the middle of the kitchen floor at our old apartment. Niev went WILD in the bath! She flailed around until all of us were worried that she would hurt herself. I was too busy unpacking/cleaning to grab the camcorder, but let it be known: She loves her new house! Here is a pic a few days later of her in the bath:
For the first week or so, she just wandered around the house excitedly yelling and rolling around on our carpet. She loves exploring all the new cupboards and drawers. It is so fun to watch her.

We love our new house and are so grateful for this time in our lives. It has been an adventure and I'm so glad that I did this with Ian. He is a very calm and collected guy most the time. We were very patient with each other and talked through any stresses or tenseness between us. I truly love my husband. What a good father and buddy he is to Niev.


Angela Bricker said...

Are you starting to feel like home is "home" yet? That painting is soooo amazing! Miss you guys!


Wow, so much to say about everything that is going on your lives right now. I know about boys and their garages. Dave was the same way. I'm so glad that you guys are happy. I am still absolutely amazed at Ian's art. The painting of Christ with the children is beautiful. I may just commission him myself sometime.

Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

Niev is too cute! We all miss you guys! -Melissa

Jared, Larisa and Ky said...

Lora- congrats on this new stage in your life :) Hope you enjoy washington. We can't wait until next year when you guys come to SF - we'll definitely have to hook up. Take care!

Crystal said...

wow, what an amazing painting! how much does he charge to do that? i would love a picture of christ with my children sitting around him.