Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Construction Zone

Ian worked endlessly on his garage. When I say endlessly, I mean endlessly. He worked non-stop starting Monday at 7:30 a.m. and didn't rest until the garage was done the following Monday at about 6:00 at night. Each day he would work from 7:30/8:00 until almost midnight, only taking a short lunch and dinner break. What is he doing to a GARAGE, you may ask? Ian's new art studio is the garage. In order for him to work in the garage, come wind, snow or rain, he had to insulate and board up the garage. With the help of his dad (directing by phone) he decided to not drywall, but to put up particle board so that he will be able to hang anything anywhere. This was a very exhausting project, but the garage looks amazing now that it is finished!These are different sides of the garage, but oh well!



After the garage was all done and beautified, I was a bit bugged because the inside of the house, the place where I go to work every day, was exactly the same. (I can be such a selfish brat sometimes.) I was complaining to Ian and so I told him the list of small changes that I would like done. He helped me with these and one of the items on the list was the knobs on our cupboards.

They remind me of Arizona for some reason. Ian let me replace them with this knob. Much better!

As you can tell, our cupboards are old, but they look much better with the knobs on them.

Niev is still very happy in her home and loves being outside. Her face is changing so much because her teeth are rapidly coming in.


Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

Niev's face is changing with her teeth. Boston's face is changing too but I see it everyday all day so it only surprises me once in awhile when I notice his front rabbit teeth. She is growing up so big! Both our babies ears are growing too. They are getting to be toddlers for sure--less and less our little babies. What is happening? I'm going to need another baby sooner and sooner. aaahhh! Love the new handles! -Melissa

Crystal said...

wow, the garage looks great! you must be loving being in your own space. are you adjusting well to new people and a new area? Niev is so cute! i love this age, it's so much fun!

Angela Bricker said...

Finally a post! The garage looks great, as do the new handles! Tyler FINALLY broke in his top two teeth but they still haven't pushed all the way out through the gums. :)