Sunday, January 20, 2008

Things we will miss!

A lot of people keep talking about how we must be so excited to be moving and we are (especially Ian!). We can't wait to have room to move, an entire yard to ourselves, and for Niev to have her own room, not a makeshift bed in the corner. We are also excited to be able to change anything about our house that we want. I have found that I am really getting excited about the potential in our house and what it could be...don't get me wrong. I love it the way that it is, but it will be nice to picture Ian and myself there. Right now, it looks a bit grandma.

While I am anxious, there are some things in Utah that I will miss dearly. We have a lot of great friends that are very close, especially my sister, Melissa. Any time that Ian is working a bit longer of a day, I pass the time by going to Melissa's house. We cook, clean, talk and watch our babies enjoy each other. It is something that I don't think I will ever find anywhere else. Melissa and I have become true sisters and best friends. We have always been close, but there is nothing like being at the same stage in life at the same time. We seem to help each other out in all aspects of our lives. I really do love her and her family. I see what a great mom she is and that inspires me to be a better mother. I recognize those weaknesses I need to correct by her example. She will be missed as well as all our other friends. We have finally found another couple that I get along with the wife and Ian gets along with the husband. Now that is a modern-day miracle. We will sincerely feel a loss when we move.

We will also miss our ward. They have been so kind and welcoming. Ian and I feel like we belong in this ward and it will be a transition that we will have to adjust to at first. Hopefully, our new ward will also feel like home.

I know Ian will say that I am being negative about our new house, but today I just started thinking about all the positives in my life and how some of those things will change because of our move. That is not to say I won't find other positives, but they will just be different. Count your blessings!


Melissa & Jeremy said...

You will be missed just as much! Sometimes I honestly can't believe you're moving. It just doesn't seem real yet. I don't want to even think how sad I will be but I am excited for you to finally be able to have your own real space to decorate and explore. Lots of love even through my to-be lonely tears -Melissa

Erin said...

hey girl! congrats on the new house and moving,...wooohooo! i'll be sure to check updates on your blog! sure love ya!

Brandon & Amber Peterson said...

Lora! I found your blog through Katie's! How are you? I can't believe you have a baby--well, I guess a toddler! Where are you guys moving and when? I would love to see you sometime before then if things aren't too crazy! Check out my blog at:

Hope everything is going great!

Angela Bricker said...

We're REALLY going to miss you guys too!...tear...:(