Friday, January 18, 2008

Niev is one!

So Niev turned one on Jan.17, Thursday. She is so big and I can't believe it was a year ago that I gave birth to her. What an incredible year it has been and she is the lead singer in our band. We often think about our life before our Niev-lette and our lives seemed so shallow and dead before she happened along.

She woke up and she seemed to look older to me. I couldn't believe it! She was very excited about her birthday hat and the balloons and streamers that Melissa helped me decorate with.

We invited several friends over so it was more a party for Ian and me than it was for Niev, but we had to brag about our beautiful one-year old! This is a picture of Niev with her buddy, Tyler, who gave her a Baby Einstein video. Can you tell she is way more interested in the wrapping (no matter what variety) than she is in the actual present.

We had cake and ice cream and she ate two big pieces with ice cream. She broke out today with a bit of a rash so I think we might of loaded her with a bit too much sugar, but she had a blast.

It truly is amazing to me that at only 12 months old, she can have such a strong personality. She is not walking, but she is jabbering away. I know she is saying something real and I want to know so bad what "gshkt sonnoga" means so if any of you know little guy language, let me know! She honestly said that over and over one morning looking at me with an expectant expression. I had no clue what she was wanting from me so I just nodded and encouraged her talking.

Now when I say she isn't walking, Ian does correct me. She has taken two steps two different times, but that was over two weeks ago. To me, that isn't considered walking, but her dad is quite protective and so proud of her tiny accomplishments. She is also working on her different facial expressions. She really thinks it is a matter of hilarity when her mother bulges her eyes out as much as she can (almost like raising your eyebrows, but more like raising your eyelids--give it a try!). I think she is experimenting herself. Here are some examples:

(above picture is truly a look--I didn't just catch her between blinks)

She truly is a baby with a million and one personalities. I love her dearly and couldn't imagine how sad my life would be without her in it! I love you, my love bug.

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