Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Niev's year check-up

I just got back from the doctor for Niev's one-year check-up. I forgot to list our pediatrician under some of the things we are going to miss when we move. He has been so great and kind. He truly loves Niev and recognized us while shopping at Costco (even called us by name!). He has always been very complimentary of Niev's progress and our parenting skills which is nice to hear.

She weighed in at a whopping 23.5 pounds (I keep thinking that at her last appointment she weighed 25 pounds, but I was wrong) which is in the 93 percentile. Her head circumference is 47.5 cm which was 97% and her height was 31.25 inches which is off the chart. She is very tall for her age, but everything is very close in percentiles so the doctor was happy about that. She officially has eczema, but no surprise there because Ian and I both have it. She had only one shot this go around, but for the first time since she was a newborn, she cried! Normally, she will just grimace and then move on, but this time, she puckered her lip and let out a wail! She would only be comforted by me holding her and would not even look at the nurse. Every time the nurse talked, she would whimper. She is a funny girl.

But the best news is...that Niev can sit in her carseat face forward rather than rear-facing! She has been okay with facing backwards, but I know she will love the car so much more if she is facing us. It will make going in the car that much easier and more enjoyable.

When we got home, she got her bum changed and a bottle and within five minutes, this was her:
She was sound asleep, not even batting an eye when the flash was going off. Sweet baby girl!


Melissa & Jeremy said...

She is so cute! I love that photo. Yea, forward facing. You're so lucky. Boston will be like 2 yrs old before he'll be able to face forward. Oh well he does pretty good rear facing. I read your comment on my blog. Thanks for the compliments. I don't feel worthy of such but I do appreciate it. You too are amazing. You find these great little, simple, yet very creative ways of teaching her--(ie: when you would bounce her arm up and down to teach her to wave; I'd never think of that) She's so smart and advanced. You have nothing to worry about. Niev will walk when she's ready. Jeremy and his brothers didn't walk until like 15-16 months and they are very smart, healthy boys so she'll walk when it is her time. Trust me she's getting into enough as it is, right? :) Love ya -Melissa PS: I'm serious about babysitting when you need a break from her to pack up and stuff. Don't hestitate, plus I need and desperately want to spend a little time with her before you go. :(

Angela Bricker said...

I bet she is loving facing forward in the car seat now!! That is such a cute little sweater on her in that picture!