Friday, January 11, 2008

Super sledders!

Ian and I have been wanting to go sledding for quite sometime so Ian went to the tire shop and asked for an inner tube for sledding. We started blowing up the tube and one side blew up much bigger than the other side. It was very awkward and hard to sit on, but we thought it might change if we were to just use it again.

Christmas Day we took Niev for her first sledding experience. It took us longer to get ready than we actually spent sledding, but we had a blast. We decked her out in her new rain boots (being waterproof is synonymous with snow gear, right?), pjs and jeans with her cute red coat and snow hat with gloves. Ian was still worried about her being warm enough!

I took Niev on a ride first, but because of the awkward tube, I had to practically row myself down the hill with Niev on my lap. Ian had me turn the tube around, but then the tube just popped out from under my bum. We had a great laugh during the entire 15 minute tubing trip.

Niev likes the taste of snow and so I decided to feed her some. I tossed a little bit at her face, but her dad didn't think that was very fun at all. Moms can have a little fun too can't they. Maybe I was being a little too mean...I'll let the video speak for itself and you be the judge.

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Melissa & Jeremy said...

My opinion is it wasn't too mean at all. It's just a fun little tease and makes the kids have a fun sense of humor and not take themselves too seriously. Dad did this to us all the time. Love it! -Melissa