Friday, August 1, 2008

Baby names...Drum roll, please!

As mentioned in my previous post, we are deciding upon two names. Let me preface a little bit. We need a name to go with Niev so it can't be Jill or Megan. Ian and I still really like original, unique names, but hopefully not weird names. We really like the names Rowan and Ainsley (not sure on the spelling yet), but we don't like how they fit together (first and middle) especially with Strawn as a last name. We are still bouncing both names around and will hopefully come up with some middle names before the baby comes in December. We are very excited about our little girl.

Niev is a little dare devil lately. She has found that she can really scare Daddy by jumping from the coffee table to the couch and finds this hilarious. We are both enjoying the stage that she is in right now. She is a crack-up! Life is good!


The Despain Gang said...

Glad you're enjoying this stage. I'm about ready to pull my hair out. Jer made a mess he needed to vacuum up so after he was done he asked me if I wanted it left out. I made the mistake of answering yes! Boston found my bagless vacuum and emptied the messy content of the bagless onto the carpet----aahhhh, grrrr, sh**, etc. I wish I was more patient! Luckily I didn't loss my cool and didn't scream at him or anything. But it still doesn't take away my frustration for further messes. He's so busy and time consuming right now. If he was awake I wouldn't be typing this right now.

Anyway, my vote is for Ainsley Morgan. Morgan is Ian's sister's name, right? Either is really cute though. Rowan is hard for a middle name?! Good luck!

On another note, I made my music optional, meaning it doesn't automatically start playing, you have to click a song or press play to have music on my blog now. I was thinking of you when I selected that option! :)


Katie said...

They are both very cute. My neighbors next door last name are Rowan. So, I already like that name. But, Melissa's suggestion was adorable too. Truthfully, it doesn't matter what I think anyway, because you're going to name the baby whatever you want. Whatever you choose will be perfect! Good luck, and I can't wait to find out what you name her. By the way, if you ever want to go "normal" on the names...I think Katie Strawn is just so adorable! ;)

Anonymous said...

Fun, Lora - I didn't realize that a)you had a blog, or b)you were pregnant. Here's my weighing in on the names. Rowan sounds like "Rowan Atkins" aka, Mister Bean. eh. Don't know that it will be too big a deal with her peers, as Mr. Bean is totally last decade, but it cold come up -
Ainsly...sounds like Kingsley (Cue Bill Murry, "I would have named you Kingsley") I'd probably shoot for that one, but it's still a bit edgy, even for me.