Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My mommy is a dog

Niev loves to play with my wallet. She pulls all the cards out and then tries desperately to put them all back into place.

Yesterday, she was in my wallet (because I didn't put it away in its hiding spot) and it was the first time that she had actually made comments. Normally, she is very focused. It's pretty bad when your 19-month old daughter points to your driver's license and says, "Doggie!" She did this twice yesterday. I thought maybe it was a fluke, but today she saw my picture on my license and again said, "Doggie!" I think I might need to cut my hiar!


The Despain Gang said...

LOL; Niev is hilarious. Don't cut your hair until you really think about it. I like your hair long but if that's what you choose after much diliberation than I will allow it. :) Seriously though I am needing a style cut into my hair badly; maybe that will help you feel better about your long hair too. ;)

Brandon & Amber said...

Lora you always make me laugh! Amy loves to take apart my wallet too and it drives me nuts--especially when she loses things. But she hasn't commented on my driver's license yet. And just to put my 2 bits in.....I always loved your hair short because I think it shows your spunky loving personality! And it was always a treat to look at after you woke up with a few days without showering!

Katie C said...

Based on the last two sounds like you're number one in both of their hearts. Love it!

Lisa said... have been blog stalking all this time!? I didn't even know that you had a blog!

Anyways, thanks for making yourself known to now I can peek at your blog too!

I love that picture of Niev a few posts down. And speaking of Niev....I thought there was an E on the end all this time.

And by the way, Niev cracks me up. What does she say when she see's Ian's license?

The Donald said...

Neiv is hillarious.

Don't worry, I will invite Ian out to another movie soon, and you can put the plan I came up with into action. Hey, maybe even while we are at the demo derby in a couple weeks!

Scott said...

Blog and Melissa have found Katie I recently noticed.

You're story is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Is your self esteem a bit down lately, Lora?