Monday, August 11, 2008

Count Dracula

WARNING: Major bragging is contained in the following post. If you do not want to think that Niev is an amazing girl and her mom is very proud, do NOT read!

While we were at my parents' house visiting, I noticed my mom teaching Niev to start counting. She started off by my mom saying, "One..." and then teaching Niev to say, "TWO!" I thought my mom was amazing for doing this and Niev was even more amazing for accomplishing it. So throughout the past three weeks, we have been working on counting. She is quite advanced in my opinion, but maybe someone else would think differently.

Here is a video of her counting (please excuse my obesity on the couch--remember, I'm pregant!):

We have reached up to five, which I am so stinkin' proud of her for. I feel like she is a genius and am so impressed with how quickly she learns new things. I do always have to prod her to say one, but that will come.

Niev also has learned from Ian how to talk to the baby:

We never quite know what she is telling the baby, but hopefully it is good! She will often come up to my belly and kiss it or give it "pats". Niev is adorable!


Crystal said...

what a brainiac! you'll have to watch out, Tyler is looking for a smart chick to date in about 16 years! :)

you are so cute pregnant! i'm jealous! i want to be pregnant, and I want to be cute pregnant! lol

The Despain Gang said...

Yes, Niev is a genius; she's always been so advanced. It's amazing! I love her!

Lisa said...

Oh that Niev...she's a smart one. Love her!