Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ian--Artist and Carpenter

So in the last post, I was informed that I made Ian sound like a tyrant. He isn't. He has been busy painting so he can fund my house improvements; therefore, the inside house "stuff" has been left up to me. He has been very supportive in whatever I want, but he doesn't have the free time to help with it as much as he wished. Then on his free time, he has been making me a kitchen table.

When we were planning for this move, I told him that I wanted a REAL kitchen table, not a desk that we bought at IKEA when we first got married because it would actually fit in our tiny apartment (it had fold down sides) and would work as a makeshift table. He told me he would make me one. I laughed, but sure enough about a week ago, he bought the wood, started sketching designs and now it is finished. I love it! We still need to paint it or do some kind of staining, but you will at least get the idea. I love having a husband that is handy! Plus, he find it fun to work with wood, building things with his own two hands. He can definitely be proud of himself. Now he just needs to make me some chairs!

Upclose--I love seeing all the different wood grains and colors!

Niev seems to also enjoy it! Isn't she the cutest!


Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

Niev is too cute! Love the table; it's perfect! -Melissa

Angela Bricker said...

Wow, we're impressed! But of course Bobby now thinks he needs to "one-up" Ian and so will be making us a table for 8, chairs, and a dinette. I'll believe it when I see it. :)

Brandon & Amber said...

Very impressive! If he figures out how to make chairs, let me know...we keep breaking ours and it feels like an episode of friends where none of the chairs at our table match!

Crystal said...

i'm impressed for sure! nice job. niev is so cute! i bet she loves having the space to run around in her new house.


Beautiful table. I love it. Great job Ian. I love having a handy husband. It saves us a lot of money....but not necessarily a lot of time. =)