Sunday, April 6, 2008

Confessions of a blogger's husband

Though I have not previously made any appearance on this blog, I feel it would be remiss if the first half of it's namesake never posted a thought. And that thought is this: my wife is amazing.

It would be nice to say that it was love at first sight at our meeting, but it would only be half true. She hardly gave me a second glance. Luckily for me, things change with time, and I am now humbled by the depth and fullness of love I feel from her.

I am grateful for her.

I am grateful for the way she cares for the Nievlet and I...making dinners, changing diapers, cleaning messes (made by both of the juveniles in the house), and a host of endless other menial and repetitive tasks she'd rather not do.

I am grateful for the simple chores she does to take care of our home...washing dishes, vacuuming floors, washing clothes, grocery shopping, cleaning toilets, and more, some of which I'm sure I'm not even fully aware of.

I am grateful for the larger things that she does to improve our home, and bring it closer to the potential we saw in it when we found it... painting walls, pulling carpets, putting up curtains, putting up bookshelves. Largely she does these projects on her own, being very aware of the demands of my work, and I am impressed with her willingness to try new things and dive headfirst into projects she's not entirely sure she knows how to complete. She has been a quick learner, and a hard worker.

I am grateful for the concern and care Lora has for the raising of our daughter. Lora has worked hard and done a wonderful job to create a loving, nurturing, and creative environment for Niev. I truly did find the right mother for my children.

I am grateful for Lora's commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ and his church. Lora's example has made me a better man, a better priesthood-holder, and a better member of the church.

And mostly I am grateful for Lora's friendship. She is always there for me with a hug, willing to talk things out, willing to forgive, willing to comfort. She believes in me, in my career, in me as a father. We still find ourselves talking 'til two in the morning from time to time, excited to share the details of our day and our thoughts (and we still find ourselves exhausted the next morning).

I am grateful for my sweet wife.



Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

Yeah, my sister pretty much rocks! I couldn't agree more!


So sweet. We always knew she was great and wondered why it took you so long to snatch her up! =)

Lisa said...

That was the sweetest thing ever! I don't think my husband could ever write such a thing. (Because of him, not me:) )Cherish that one, Lora!

Crystal said...

that's very sweet of you ian! marriage is wonderful, especially when you have 2 great people. i hope someday to be able to meet you in person!

Angela Bricker said...

I must admit, if I was boy I would have married Lora. You are a lucky man! (and she's pretty lucky herself :) )

Bobby WILL be reading this when I get home!