Saturday, April 5, 2008

Books Galore

We have finally gotten bookshelves put up! Ian wanted to make the booshelves himself so it took some time just because of the common demands of work. I was able to put books up that have been stored in boxes since I graduated from high school (yes that was over ten years ago and yes they needed a tad bit of dusting)! I get so excited to sit and just read now that all of my books are in their finally resting place--until we move that is.

I had been wanting to make some curtains for this room as well. When we painted, we took down their ugly, heavy white curtains and patched/painted over the holes. We didn't think about how hot that room gets during the daytime and how we could easily be stalked during the night. Thank goodness it only looks onto our backyard. We looked at fabrics and the fabric that I really wanted was $33/yard. The window is 110 inches which is only a little over three yards, BUT we would need to get six yards in order to make it long enough. Then to make them as full as we would want them we would need to add another 1-3 yards of fabric...Needless to say, it was getting mighty expensive (we hadn't even looked at a rod at this point!). That got put on a back burner. Then we went to Target and found the exact curtains (slightly different material, but same dark chocolate brown color) that I was wanting to make! Sorry, no picture! But, the family room is all done except for little things (new furniture and new baseboards). It feels so great!

On the Niev front, she walks around using anything and everything as a telephone (hand-held Yahtzee game, Tinkertoys, laptop batteries, playing cards, etc.) . Her latest thing is laughing hysterically at her own "conversation" while using the phone. I haven't caught it on video yet, but believe me, it is good.

She is a very social little girl. We went to Dairy Queen yesterday for a little family treat and there was a man sitting kitty-corner from us. Niev waved and waved until he finally waved back. Then she continued to stare at him while he was trying to have a peaceful meal by himself. She kept staring, then waving, then staring, then jabbering, he would look and then she would wave. It was cute for the first couple minutes, but after ten minutes it was kind of embarrassing. We will need to work on restaurant manners.


Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

That is a great video! What a girlie girl!

Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

PS: you used "old" pic for the book shelf. Did you change it back or was it an accident?

Angela Bricker said...

Wow, you are working so hard on your house and it's totally paying off!!!
I can't wait to come see it someday!

I love the story about Niev at Dairy Queen because I can SO picture that!