Friday, April 25, 2008

Grandma's coming to town!

Tomorrow my mother-in-law (the saint, Paula, Gramma Buh, Ian's mother, Niev's favorite phone buddy) is coming into town. I CANNOT wait. I know there are those of you out there that say that your mother-in-law is your archenemy, but this is not true in my case. She is a great friend and one of the best babysitters found on this earth. She adores Niev almost as much as I do and can't seem to get enough of her. She has the patience of Job which is perfect because about the time that I run out of patience with Niev is about the time that Paula comes for a visit. I have not been feeling well lately so my patience is definitely been wearing a tad too thin. Luckily, Paula is on her way to rescue me.

Ian is also excited to see his mom (he is kind of a momma's boy, but in a good way). I can tell he is excited because every time we talk about it he gets giddy and then he has been singing anything and everything (you have to know my husband to realize that he does have a great voice but he doesn't always use it to his best can be REALLY annoying!).

I really cannot express how much this means to me that I can go on as many dates with my husband within the 10-day period of her stay as my little heart may desire. Niev has a constant playmate that will personally entertain her, teach her, read to her and love her. Plus, I could talk to her for days on end. It is the greatest deal EVER! Honestly, more people should become friends with their MIL so they can have this great opportunity as well. I guess to make things fair, you should be able to also have Paula as your MIL, but unfortunately Ian is the only boy in his family, so your kind of out of luck.


Angela Bricker said...

Lucky you! Our babysitter (my sister) just moved so we get to have all our dates at home...yay.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Brandon & Amber said...

I love when grandmas come to town! My mom will be at our house on Tuesday, so we are excited to go on dates too! Have so much fun!

Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

Paula is amazing and does love Niev as all Grandmas should. I'm so glad she is coming too. Keep me in loop! I love ya and can't wait til June when we can finally see each other. I'm counting down the days--not sure how I'll get there--but I'll get there!

Lisa said...

I was just thinking I needed to call you to come over and play. Have so much fun with your mother-in-law and give us a call when you can play! (After she leaves and you are bummed.)

Egglestonfamily said...

Where are you? Are you still alive? You must be still alive because you wrote this...this is you Gora, right? ~Shell

P.S. I got to your blog from Kimby' can't hide any more, wwwhaaaaa!

Shelly said...

I know how much Paula loves you all and am so glad she could make a visit up to see you all. I enjoy seeing you cute little girl, she is sooo cute, I know my girls thinks she is the cutest little girl too. Hope your feeling better and say hello to my good friend Paula. We miss her, but know she needed that Grandma fix. I can't remember if I gave you are blog or not. Here it is you can check it out some time.


You are a lucky girl! Cherish Niev's wonderful grandmas.

Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

Time for a new post! :)

Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

Happy Mother's Day! You're such a great example to me of a great mother! Hope you had a very special day!