Friday, January 8, 2010

Santa pictures 2009

Niev with Santa

Rowan giving Santa the third-degree (or as good as one can without being able to talk.

Now she is done.

Doing the staring thing again?

Dang my girls are cute.


Pedertrawn said...

i guess it's ask and ye shall receive many blogs! yippee! i love you guys and can't wait to see the amazing blog you'll do after niev's birthday!

Maria said...

Yes they are.

Nettie said...

Um, that dollhouse is crazy AMAZING!! I can't believe you guys made that. The detail is unbelievable. And I love the Dwight doll, that's hilarious! Great pictures!!

The Despain Gang said...

yes yes they are

Jennifer said...

Dang, your girls ARE cute! This was a fun night...mostly b/c we weren't in charge of it. (Although they tried.) I thought all the Santa pics came out great, though. Esp. of the cute kids, like yours!

Dian Raharja said...