Saturday, January 23, 2010

Preacher Niev

Niev loves to play "Church". She will often make Ian and me sit on the couch while she stands at the "pulpit" (the coffee table) reading from the "scriptures" (any of her books). She will sing uproariously and then once in a while decide that we are going to do a baptism. She needs a prop for this one though and often uses Rowan. Poor little sister!

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Shana said...

I loved your comment on my craft blog about loving my naked boys. I loved how you then worried that it came off as weird, but the funny thing was I was going to write a comment on your blog about loving little Rowan always in the background of pictures in just her diaper. I love all your pictures and hearing about how your kids interact since mine are the same - 2 years apart - and it totally brings back memories for me. Time goes by so fast, and they grow up so fast and you forget how they used to be.