Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Summer reruns

This summer we spent a lot of time swimming at the public water sprinkler park thingys (I never quite know what to call them). Niev enjoyed them thoroughly. So much so that we went there almost EVERY day. By the end of the summer she finally got brave enough to go through the mushroom pool's waterfall. It was a proud moment. Thanks Jen for the pictures. I never ended up taking my camera. She still has a suntan on her back from her swimsuit and I swear I ALWAYS put sunscreen on. We just really went that many times.

Before we left, we would always have to allow some time for this fire engine. I would go up to the little window, order food, she would go to the back to fix the food and then she would deliver it out of the window. (I swear we have only gone through a drive-thru like twice in her lifetime. Must have made an impact!) I wish you could see her sno-cone machine. Classic!

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The Despain Gang said...

Yes the snowcone machine is AWESOMELY classic! :D So cute; great pics.