Tuesday, November 3, 2009

House improvements

While I was away making applesauce at my mom's house, Ian was busy painting the girls' room. Isn't he fabulous! We had the paint for SEVERAL months, but it is really hard to paint a room where little ones have their quiet time, their nap time and their sleep time. What a saint he is! (Sorry no pictures, but imagine a really great greenish-gray color that is perfect. Yep, that is the one. Isn't it great!)

We recently wanted to update our light fixtures, but didn't have a lot of spare cash so we went a cheap route.

I don't have a before picture, but the original chandelier in our entry was about three feet too wide for our small entry. Ridiculous. We found this idea on line (wish I could remember where) , but improved it with varying the bulb sizes. We really LOVE the outcome. It gives a whimsical, bubbly feel rather than the heavy overdone feeling of our old gaudy chandelier. We are so pleased.Now we just need to pick a hallway color--any ideas???

We also wanted to update our dining room light. As you can see it was REALLY 60's and ugly. Gold is not in.

Spray paint does wonders! The blue really adds to the room.

Hope we inspired you to do something on the cheap that adds a bit of spunk to your house!


Jen said...

I love those lights. I still can't get over how cool the blue fixture looks. Every time I go to your house I'm in love with it all over again.

Shana said...

wow, love your innovative ideas! So cool how those relatively small changes totally transform the room. Did you ever finish painting that dresser you talked about once?

Kaci said...

I love the new chandelier!! that looks so cool

The Despain Gang said...

So great; WELL DONE! Love it. I can't believe I missed this and other posts; what's wrong with me!