Friday, November 13, 2009

Paula Buh is a SAINT

Last night I was talking with a group of friends and the subject turned to in-laws. Many of the women were not close to their mother in-laws and often times it sounded as if their MIL were judgemental and quite nosy. They not only told them how to run a house, but how to raise their kids, how to talk to solve issues with their husbands and how to go about their spiritual growth. It broke my heart.

It also gave me a great sense of appreciation for Ian's mom. She doesn't pass judgement or seem to belittle me in her own sly way. Instead she loves me unconditionally and accepts me as a true daughter. I love when she comes to visit because not only can Ian and I get away for a bit, but it is great to chat with her. She is so easy to talk to and always seems to take my side (even if she really doesn't think that I am right). I admire her strength and the way that she has kept her family together through some very demanding and straining trials.
I love her for the son she raised. He truly attributes much of who he is to the wonderful mother he has. (He keeps the seat down on the toilet, takes the kids when I need a break which is about weekly now, and truly is smitten by his children and shows them the greatest love a father can give. This is all due to his mother.) She even forgives me for being a really bad blogger!

She is the most fabulous grandma that I could ever ask for. She eats up every minute she can with my kids while she is here. She calls Niev on a very regular basis and holds long, in-depth conversations about her day. She celebrates with Ian and I at every milestone of our girls and shares in our sorrows at their heartbreaks and sicknesses. She truly has mastered unconditional love. Honestly, what more could I ask for!

Paula, I love you and wish you lived closer (please move now!) You are so good to me. Thank you. We all love you dearly!Hope you enjoyed all the pictures!


alyx said...

she's the best mother too!! :)

The Despain Gang said...

Such cute babies. Oh man; you have very adorable girls; I miss them like crazy. Rowan's front teeth are just adorable and they way she sucks her thumb is to die for. I love them!

Shana said...

I think your mother-in-law is equally blessed to have you a daughter-in-law :)