Monday, November 3, 2008

MIA from the internet world, back in time for Halloween

Yes, I do realize that I haven't posted for almost two months, but I'm pregnant. Doesn't that cover anything you are lame about doing?

I will first tell you that my husband is amazing a did a really great job in Brazil. He was very nervous about his presentation, because he was the only English presenter of the entire art conference. Luckily, they translated through headphones so the feedback was pretty immediate. He got several compliments (one girl paid for the conference just to hear Ian--she had been following his work for quite some time!) and many people told him that he really saved the conference for them. They said that most of the speakers either talked over their heads or were giving useless information, but Ian was funny, personable and gave great tips/hints/ideas of how to make their talents useful. We were very glad to see him get home safe though. Niev was shocked when he would be in the same house as her and exclaim, "DADDY!" as if to say, "What the crap are YOU doing here?!?!"

I enjoyed spending time with my family and learning how to be a real Mormon mom: canning pears, peaches, jam while cleaning my mom's house and of course eating out with Mom and Grandma. I have realized that my mom is a powerhouse and works all day. Every day I was there she definitely outworked me, but I'm pregnant, right? Don't worry that my mom is well into her 60's and can pile drive me into the ground.

Ian and I had been talking about having Niev be a dinosaur for Halloween. We have this philosophy that Halloween costumes should totally be creative, homemade, and something random/fun/interesting. I had read somewhere last year about doing a dinosaur and cutting sponges for the spikes on the back. I thought, "I can do that!" Come to find out, it is a lot harder making a costume than anyone would have you believe! I hope Niev appreciates all the work that went into it. My mom helped me sew the tail and Ian helped out quite a bit. (I do have a great husband.) He did the eyes and the teeth. She turned out pretty cute, but the tail needed to be a bit higher on the costume, but I was too lazy to rip one of the sponges off of her back. So here she is...our Niev-osaur...drum roll please!
I was nervous that she wasn't going to keep the hood on (as you can see she has gained a bit of an attitude), but as soon as we told her she had to keep the "hat" on if she wanted to go T-O-T, she was more than willing! It was fun to watch her.

Ian thought it was hilarious that the dinosaur was actually eating Niev!

We went trunk-or-treating at our church building (which she had a sneak-peek at when we were in Atlanta--another post another time!) so she recognized how this should go. Every car that we stopped at she would say, "Trick or teet" and then quickly say "tank ooo" because she knew mom would take away some of her candy. Anytime anyone would just drop the candy into her bag, she would reach in until she felt candy, just to make sure that she really did get some! She had a great time!

Niev and her friend, Olivia, who we do MANY playdates with!

Thanks Grandma Weber for making the perfect Trick-or-Treating bag/pillowcase! She got TONS of loot!


Brandon and Amber said...

Great to hear from you! I give you credit for making a costume when you're pregnant because I wouldn't even want to think about doing it! You've got to be getting close, right? I just got to schedule my c-section today for December 1st and I cannot wait! Hope you are doing great!

Angela Bricker said...

Yea, you're alive!!! I LOVE Niev's costume, you guys are so creative! I can't believe how big she's getting, she looks like a real little girl (you know what I mean!)and her hair is so long! I hope you're feeling okay, I think I'm starting to get into the pretty uncomfortable stage and super cranky stage (Bobby is going nuts :)).Ha Ha. I love being pregnant. MISS YOU!

Suncrest Sisters of Zion said...

Oh my gosh; Oh my gosh! Niev has changed so MUCH! I'm dying. You MUST post more often, the girl changes too fast for you to go another 2 months without a post. Plus you've got to get back into the habit. I have another niece coming into the world and I absolutely cannot miss out on her life. Diana's David changes too much too fast but I've come to accept that getting pics from her is just difficult (hint, hint, Diana), but not you. You have to keep me updated on this new babies every change and development! Okay so I'm done lecturing.

The costume is soOOOOOO cute! It's so much cuter than I was picturing. I love the sponge spikes and of course Ian's teeth and eye balls make the dinosaur just that a dinosaur. So great! Love it. Niev's HAIR, oh man! It's totally long. What are you going to do? Is Niev's first hair cut around the corner or does she let you play with it yet???? Okay seriously MORE pictures. I need a picture of Niev, just Niev without the dino costume. Okay again done with the ranting. Love the post, love the pictures, love the costume, love the prego belly in one. love it all. Thanks for sharing. Phew!

The Webers said...

"Real" Mormon mom, huh? I take great exception to that, but I loved the costume and Niev is a doll. I'm glad Ian is doing so well, he really is talented.