Saturday, November 15, 2008

100th Book Day!!!

Hip Hip Hooray!!! for 100th Book Day

Gramma Buh (Ian's mom) called yesterday to inform us that it was 100th Book Day! She has kept track of all the books she has bought Niev and the books that we had previously purchased. Well, evidently yesterday Gramma Buh purchased her 100th book for Niev. For those of you who don't know Paula, she is a book fiend. She is never seen without a book in hand (especially while eating breakfast) and a great way to torture her is to hide her book from her. It is great fun and you should really try it sometime. She kind of becomes a crazed dog trying to pick up a trail that has dead-ended. Too fun to sit back and watch!

Boy, did we celebrate! We read a gajillion books, took a long needed nap with Mommy, went to the library with Dad, baked a celebratory cake (good thing I was already having the missionaries over for dinner) and then cuddle with her best friend, Olivia, and read books until Olivia's parents showed up. It truly was a great first 100th Book Day. November 14 is now officially 100th Book Day so mark your calendars and I will see you next year at the library!

Note: Olivia and Niev climbed up on the couch together, put the blanket over their laps and then asked to read a book. Aren't they the cutest little friends? We read about 15 books in all that night. P.S. Do you like how they are twinners with the pink shirts?

Here is my little reader at 12 months old--notice the book is upside-down! She has always loved books.
I have pics of her looking at a book on her stomach when she is less than six months old, but I can't seem to find it right now. It is the cutest picture. What a lover of books--Gramma Buh is so proud!


Lisa said...

What a blessing when a child loves books! Before you know it she will be reading to baby #2 :)

Happy 100th!

The Despain Gang said...

How fun! It was my 100th book catalog as read on goodreads. What a fun coincidence! :) Love the pics of Niev. Too cute.

gramma buh said...

HAPPY 100 BOOKS DAY! glad that it was so much fun and it will be a tradition that we will keep up. niev is ADORABLE as well as a young genius. now, where did i put my book....i can't seem to find it anywhere...IAN AND LORA STOP HIDING MY BOOKS!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a fun day! Camryn loves to read, too, always has. Kenzie, not so much.
How are you feeling? I know you are getting close. Anything I can do to help you? I'm so close! Let me know.


What a fun tradition that Ian's mom has started. I'm sure the love of books will continue her whole life.