Monday, June 23, 2008

I love date night

On Tuesday, Ian and I arranged for a babysitter swap so that we could go out on Friday night on a date. I looked forward to this alone time with my husband all week. I couldn't wait for Friday to come. I had always heard that once babies came into the picture that have an uninterrupted conversation was pretty much impossible. Little did I know how true this really could be. Dinner time is spent with Niev asking for "burr" (more) or throwing what she doesn't want to eat on the floor or spitting a bite out onto the table, etc. It is no longer the time when we catch up on our lives together.

Anyway, on Friday we went to "Son of Rambow" which is really cute British film. The editing was kind of weird in parts, but oh so cute. It is about two boys that go to the same school, but are total opposites. One is the rebel, bad-boy of the school and the other is the shy, quiet kid who is a bit weird because he belongs to the Plymouth Brethren group (kind of like the Amish). They become friends and it is about their blossoming friendship. It really is one of the cutest films I have seen in a while. I would highly recommend it.

After the movie, we went to dinner at the Olive Garden (the dining experience in the tri-cities is very limited). Being pregnant, I easily out-ate Ian. I really thought my belly would explode, but I couldn't help myself; the breadstick and salad are too delicious!!! (Melissa, you know about me, pregnancy and the Olive Garden so I am sure you can relate to Ian being quite shocked out how much I could down!)

It was great to be reminded of why we love each other and realize that we were still the best of friends. I truly enjoyed our weekend together.

When we went to pick up Niev from our friends, she was sitting on a Sit-and-Twirl and saying, "Wee, wee, wee!" She didn't even miss us!


Katie said...

Isn't it awesome and a little sad to know that they don't need need us all the time? Even an hour alone with your husband is just liberating. Keep up the date nights. You guys are great!

Kent & Beka said...

What is it about Olive Garden and pregnant women? Think they should come up with some sort of Pregnant lady takeout deal with the breadsticks and salad- that is all I crave when I am pregnant (besides wonderfully french pastry)and they don't have one close to us...yet! So take advantage!

Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

So glad you had a great time! Yes Olive Garden has great bread sticks and salad, especially when YOU are pregnant! :)

See you in 24 hours! :)


The Thomson Fam said...

love the blog. you guys are super cute and we've enjoyed getting to know you! now that i'm done stalking you for the night, feel free to stalk us :)

Melinda Draschil said...

I love date nights! So excited to find out you two are pregnant again!Hope you are feeling ok

Erin said...

AMEN to loving date nights! even though our baby isn't here yet and every night is KIND OF like a date night b/c we're together, there's just something special about a REAL date night. i love them!