Saturday, June 7, 2008

Best Present Part 2

One of the days at the coast, we went on a beautiful hike to the lighthouse and to the Octopus Tree. It was fun to see the kids outside, exploring, experiment and experiencing new things.

After staying at the beach house in Oceanside for a few days and catching up with Melissa and Julie, we headed back to Portland for a day of Powell's (one my favorite hot spots in Portland), even more great food and of course some cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. It really was such a delightful trip, but poor Niev and I were missing Ian something awful.

Melissa and I drove back to Kennewick together and I was able to show off our new house. When Niev saw Ian, she got the biggest smile and started saying, "Daddy, Daddy, hi Daddy!" She was so excited to see him. It was a great moment. (Unfortunately, she won't let him out of her sight these days which makes it very hard for him to go to work; he has a heart made of butter.) For the first few days that we were back, it seemed to surprise her every time Ian would walk into a room. She would again greet him with, "Daddy, HI Daddy!" Ian ate it up.

We decided to go to a playground next to our library. Something that is really great about this area is that they have water parks next to a lot of the playgrounds. Little did we know that the water would be turned on and so of course Boston and Niev had to partake! They couldn't run or strip off their clothes fast enough! They had a blast. It was freezing cold water and it was close to 6 p.m. so the little guys were freezing, but we could NOT convince them to come out of the water. In fact, they both had to be carried to the car in order to forget all about the water.

Niev trying to catch the water, yet running away from it at the same time:

Ian caught some great pictures of Niev and Boston playing:

My sister, Kathy, drove down from Moscow, Idaho that day to spend time with Melissa and me. She brought her daughter, Jenna, with her. We stayed up late talking, went on walks, cooked, tried to play a few games (they were not up for it, and yes I still think you are both party poopers!). Overall it was a great birthday! They even made me a cake and sang to me. Melissa accidentally sprained her ankle the day before she was flying out. She was pretty sore, but luckily I had some "voodoo healing salve, save the world" cream and she could fully walk on it without pain in a few days. Because of the problems with the ankle, I have no proof of the rest of the vacation. We did go to another really awesome park with the best playground and a great water park, but Melissa was the only one that remembered her camera.

Overall, this birthday, I realized that my husband loves me and wants me to be happy. He knows me more than I give him credit for and he works really hard at being a fabulous dad. I also realized how much my family means to me. I really love my growing family, but sometimes I need to be grounded again by my original family members. I truly am blessed.



Lora, I love your postings about your birthday. You certainly are a lucky woman. Ian loves you a lot. How fun to have a beach house in the family. You look so good, by the way, pregnancy wise. Hope you are feeling well. And, in that picture of Niev looking forlorn, she looks nothing like Scout. It's all you and Ian in that face. That picture is something like Pottery Barn Baby of the Month worthy. So cute!

Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

So I'm not sure what I'm doing in the Octopus Tree pic but oh well right. Anyway, sorry Kathy and I were game party poppers. Jeremy and I are not much gamers. We pretty much haven't played a game since you and Ian moved away. :) Well I miss cooking with you; you are a great cook. Can't wait to see you; 17 days and counting!

Kent & Beka said...

That last paragraph was beautifully said. I think our husbands do know more than we often think- they just don't think about what they know often enough!