Friday, December 4, 2009

Caution: Future Artist in Progress

So I think my daughter has been hanging out with her daddy a little bit too much in his garage/workspace. She has truly honed in on his artistry skills. Check out these sketches (I have an entire drawer full of them in case we are short on cash then we can pull them out and collect our baby-genius prize).

This was drawn by Niev when she was just over 2 1/2. When I asked her what she had drawn she seemed put out that I would have to ask. "It's Niev," she replied taken back that I didn't recognize her right away.
This is her family. (you might have to click on the picture to actually see it. I am holding Rowan and Niev is standing next to Daddy. (I must be mad a lot because she only gives me eyebrows! and they are down-turned.)
This is her friend Emma and Emma's mommy Jen. When she drew glasses on Jen I told Niev, "Jen doesn't wear glasses." I then looked at Jen (because she was over at the time) and realized that she actually DOES wear glasses! She is observant! (BTW, the glasses are the rectangular things around the eyes.)

This is so tender to me. It is a picture of Niev and her dad laying in bed on pillows because Niev is sad. Daddy is wearing his glasses. Niev has a very loving daddy.
I love seeing the creative side of Niev. Somedays it drives me crazy. For example, I was trying to get somethings done on the computer. Niev knew I wasn't paying attention to her so she went into the kitchen got out my honey and proceeded to poor syrup into about four different bowls each about two feet apart. Needless to say, there was syrup all over my kitchen floor. The next day, I was folding laundry. I could hear Niev in the kitchen so I called to her, "What are you doing?" She said, "Oh I'm just drawing a picture!" She was in the kitchen for about 20 minutes which is a long time for her to draw so I decided to see exactly what she was doing. She was drawing with HONEY!!! Let me remind you that I have carpet in my kitchen. Now I have sticky carpet in my kitchen. Ian and I both took some turns using some elbow grease and a lot of Resolve, but it is still a bit stiff in places. Someday I won't have carpet in the kitchen, but I will always be grateful for a creative child. I do love her.


Brandon and Amber said...

Those are all AWESOME! I love seeing the creativity of kids and how they view the world.

Maria said...

She is a natural! I love it when kids pictures are thoughtful. Niev's art shows her observant, sensitive mind.

Katie C said...

Truly her daddy's girl. Although, I have never seen a drawing of yours. Maybe she gets it from you.... =) I can't believe how good those are, really.

The Despain Gang said...

how was Rowan's b-day?

Anonymous said...

holy cow, those are amazing! SHazer is over three now and still just scribbles! he hasn't tried to actually make a real picture yet at all! wow, she is WAAAY ahead of the game in that area!!