Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ha, ha, I beat you this time!

Kelley, I posted before you did. I really can't believe it! Miracles do happen...I guess I can't take full credit seeing as these are YOUR pictures with YOUR camera that YOU copied and put on a CD for us. (I told you it is all because of the "where do I put the pictures issue" that I am not blogging!)

This last weekend, Ian and I spent in Portland (a very quick and spontaneous trip at the suggestion of Ian--shocking, I know). Because it was for Ian's birthday, I told him that we could spend the entire weekend with his sister, Kelley, (my sister, Julie, also lives in Portland). He was kind enough to allow me to go to breakfast each morning with Julie so that I could spend some good quality time with her. I loved every minute of conversation with Julie that I got. We went to Farmer's Market to grab some goodies and then a great breakfast the next day. With Kelley, Brian and Hudson in tow, we went to the zoo. We road the train in and Niev thought that was pretty special. Her Gramma Buh comes on the train from Portland to visit us and she asked where Gramma Buh was when we got on the train. We love Portland and visiting our sisters and their wonderful families.

Rowan looks so much like a boy here, a very cute boy but still a boy!

Rowan was enraptured by the zoo

Niev's favorite--the penguins. This is the only "decent" picture she would take because she wouldn't let her eyes off the penguins for a second.

Niev kept asking to go back to the tractor-car
Niev really thought this eagle's nest was very cool.
Hudson and Niev getting their pet on at the petting area
Sisters, sisters--there were never such adoring sisters (just for you, Kelley!)

Rowan and Hudson totally loved each other

Hudson and Rowan getting some suck-face time--I told you they adored each other


Jen said...

Cute pictures. Emma loves the zoo too. Glad you guys had fun!

Maria said...

Niev is into the suck-face thing a lot lately. Watch out world for Niev. :) I love quick getaways.

Pedertrawn said...

go lora, you've still got it. glad you guys made it out here.

gramma buh said...

hooray! nothing i love more than stories and photos of my girls...well, second to actually being with them! thanks and thanks...can't wait to come up there (possibly around the 12th of october)

The Despain Gang said...

Yay! I love the zoo. It's great times. Niev is such a big girl; she's a sweetheart and I could almost hear her talking while she laid down in the "eagle's nest". :) Love it.