Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gotta check out th is site!!!

I just found the most creative person in the world. I have been feeling like I need to take advantage of a new sewing machine that Ian got me (used, $50, great shape, etc.) and this site has been totally inspired!

Summer of 69 Thrift Store Refashion Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!


Aileena said...

Dude? Did you find this on my website? Isn't she awesome. My goal is to become as good as she is. you should also check out wardrobe refashion.

The Despain Gang said...

WOW; that was a fun website, but a little intimidating. You go girl; tell me how it turns out.

jennifer said...

I generally try to ignore the fact that people this talented exist in the universe. But I have to say..really cool site! I want to hear how your sewing goes. I've wanted to learn forever, but obviously not badly enough, or I would have.

Thanks for coming over last night--you guys are so fun! And by the way, explain to me "Goratrain" and "Ian-ator." I'm curious!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

I love looking at how people refashion clothes. I've been wanting to try it but haven't had the time or "guts" to yet.

You left a comment about my Flannel board stories. I can send you all of them on CDs if you'd like. It will make it a lot easier to print off and they will print at higher quailty. The CDs are free, BTW. If you're interested send me an e-mail with flannel board stories in the subject at chocolateonmycranium [at] live [dot] com.