Thursday, February 19, 2009

Impromptu girls' night and Scary checkup

(All these pictures are almost a month old--I haven't uploaded my new pics of Rowan)

Yesterday we had Rowan's 2-month check-up. She weighs a whopping 12 lbs 4 oz. and is 24 inches long (the doctor commented several times about how she weighs as much as a 4-month should). She got three shots and did fairly well (just needed a little lovin' from mom afterwards). During the full body check, the doctor found a mysterious object in her eye. Upon further investigation, he realized it was not on the surface, but rather in her eye. To save you the details, he basically had no idea what it was and is referring us to a specialist on the 27th of Feb. up in Spokane, WA. I was only freaked out about the financially end of things yesterday, but today, I am a bit more worried about what this will become. We shall wait and see.

Rowan had been sleeping clear through the night all last week, but for two nights in a row, she decided to wake up 4-5 times. It was maddening! I was VERY grouchy for two days (poor Ian and kids!). I hadn't been able to get anything done during the day either because Niev or Rowan seemed to always need my attention so my house was a disaster. Now some of you might not understand what a disaster is. I define a disaster as not being able to see the floor, not able to prepare a proper meal because all the dishes are dirty and there is no counterspace to cook on, and laundry is piled up. When Ian got off of work, he was wanting to play a game with me so we played one game then I told him I better get to work on cleaning the kitchen and making dinner. He wanted to play one more game. Then Rowan was hungry so Ian asked me to feed her. I was getting very frustrated since it was already past 6 p.m. and I had no idea what was going to be for dinner. Then a knock came at my door and Ian told me to put a shirt on. It was one of my very favorite-est people in the world, Jen from my ward.

Ian had called her earlier in the day while I was at the doctor with Rowan. He planned an entire night out with Jen. We went to dinner and then went to Barnes & Noble. Now to some of you this may not be very exciting, but Jen is a very well-read person. She seems to have read every great book ever written, she has great taste in books (meaning she was repulsed as much as I was by the horribly written vampire book! Sorry to you die hard fans, but it was awful.) and so we just walked around talking about great books, our husbands, and laughing. It was just what I needed. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated Ian for being so kind. He is so good to me that sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve such an unselfish, kind, thoughtful and generous man. He can be a real butt sometimes, but for the great majority of the time, he is fabulous! I came home ready to love my family again and want to snuggle with my hubby. I cannot tell you what a big fan I am of Jen and Ian.

Niev is growing up so big. She says the funniest things and loves Sesame Street (old school episodes, of course, because Elmo annoys me). She loves her little sister and wants to over-love her by laying on her to give her a hug or bite her to give her the biggest best kiss ever!

Niev with her kitchen that her Daddy made her for her birthday

Niev on "Christmas morning" with her Aunt Vickie homemade apron


Maria said...

Wow, what a stressful thing. Hope the doctors know what's up with Rowan's eye. She'll be in our prayers. As Dad would say, "stay loose." Thanks for the pictures and update.

blogofsteele said...

hey! i just read your last 2 posts. your girls are absolutely gorgeous, lo. i love them. good luck with the specialist next week! you're in my prayers!

The Despain Gang said...

So glad Ian takes care of you. What a fun evening? I want one! :)

Aileena said...

No way Ian made that kitchen! That is so awesome. How long did it take?

jennifer said...

Lora, I just read this post and what a smile it put on my face! I had no idea I was being talked about so nicely behind my back. That night was a dream for me too...we need to do it more! And I'm glad you like roaming a bookstore as much as I do. I'd take it over a movie any day.

And I agree, you have one spectacular husband. He is also a fun friend and fantastic EQ counselor. We are so grateful your family landed in our quirky little Kennewick world where we can wring you dry for your wit, talents, and fun personalities. Marbles (and more dessert?) are definitely in order soon!:)