Thursday, December 11, 2008

She's a girl!

No we haven't had our baby, but Niev is starting to actually let me keep a clip/rubberband in her hair! She actually looks like a girl. Lately, I have had SEVERAL people tell me what a cute boy I have so I decided to put my foot down and actually FORCE her to wear a rubberband on Sunday. I told her we couldn't leave for church unless she let me do her hair. Then I mentioned how adorable she was with her hair fixed and continued to tell her that she couldn't take it out until church was over. Of course, I expected to pick her up from nursery with her hair a disaster, but to my surprise, she actually had kept it in. (As soon as we got in the car, she ripped it out, but HEY, beggars can't be choosers...she does was over!)

Since Sunday, she has let me do her hair almost every day. She may not keep it in, but at least it is progress.


After (this is after she pulled her sweatshirt over her head, so it isn't pristine, but you get the idea):
As you can see, I am not a girly-girl and have no clue how to do kids' hair. I don't even know how to my own hair unless it is really short!

By the way, I lost my mucus plug today. That is one step closer to having this baby girl. (I know it's gross; they really need to come up with another name for that gush! It wouldn't be so gross to talk about if it was disguised by another name.)


alyx said...

umm... Niev has cuter clothes than i do. those red and white striped leggings are great with that sweater and skirt. adorbs!

Crystal said...

yeah for the plug! i can't wait to see that baby. i remember when brooke let me do her hair finally, they look so cute like that. now brooke is obsessed with brushing her hair and comes up with these crazy ideas of how she wants it fixed. it's very funny.

Lisa said...

Niev is absolutely BEAUTIFUL...whether her hair is done or not.

And about that plug....yippee! Sounds like beautiful baby girl number two will make her arrival at any moment.

Call us if you need help with ANYTHING. We would love to watch Niev for you, run errands, etc.

Brandon and Amber said...

I love her tights with that skirt! And I totally know how it is to fight with a little girl who doesn't want her hair done.

As for the plug--I agree that the name should be changed. It does not sound the least bit pretty. I am excited to see pictures of your new little girl! Hope everything goes great!

The Donald said...

Niev is a little cutie.

Jen said...

YAY! Niev looks super cute without her hair done and the little clip just adds that much more to it. And YAY for your plug. It is pretty gross but then again everything about child birth is pretty disgusting!

Angela Bricker said...

I can't believe people think she's a cute little "boy". She totally looks like a girl!! Well, bow or no bow she's a cutie!

Yea, for the plug thing and having baby #2 very soon! At least have Ian update your blog so we know when you have her!!

The Despain Gang said...

I love the new look for Niev. It's so cute. Okay you will definitely need to exchange Niev's Christmas gift. You could open it early now because you're going to need to exchange it. :) I knew you'd like it! :)

Aileena said...

Good luck with having the baby girl #2. How exciting! Happy Holidays.