Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ready for my photo shoot!

Niev really enjoys having her picture taken. She will say "cheese" more readily when the camera is out than when we are asking if she wants some string cheese. The only problem is that you only get about a picture every two minutes because she HAS to see what the picture turned out like on the photo viewer. But we have recently found that if you put any type of glasses on her she will pose for quite some time. She is truly a ham...Her aunt, Kelley, and Gramma Buh bought her some awesome science glasses and she had a blast with those!

She has found the joy of a perfect box. This box was waiting to go to recycling and she hopped right in it and called it her car all day. (She was just a bit sniffly this day so ignore the runny nose...I know my child looks homeless, but what do you do?)

She loves to pull clothes out of her dresser drawers. She found her swimming suit and just had to wear it. Dress-up is something that she is experimenting with. She will often grab my silky underwear (clean or dirty) and wrap it around her neck. She is happiest if she can actually get her head through an arm hole or leg hole. I know it is gross and obscene (hence why we have not posted a picture yet of this joyous occasion), but if you saw how happy she was, you would let her do it once in a while too.


Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

As always Niev is so cute! I can't believe all the words she is saying. How fun! Can't wait for June! I'll probably come to Parma alone and spend at least a week there so we'll party like it's 1999! ;)

Kent & Beka said...

Those pictures are adorable! It is amazing what a little box can do for a kid- Emitt is similar with his "cheese"- he just loves it- both kinds!

Ashlea said...

Your daughter is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!